Forex Trading In Malaysia

In Malaysia, many of you want to change your fortune by investing in Forex. Well, it can be a good idea only when you can gain maximum profit from your investment. But for doing that, you need to have deep knowledge of each and everything of Forex Malaysia.

The journey of Forex trading started in Malaysia, 2010. Bank Negara introduced it. Now it becomes one of the popular investment sectors for investors. Various laws and regulations are also made to supervise Forex Malaysia.

I started my Forex trading in 2010 and also worked with various brokers. Different experiences taught me how to become a successful guy in the sector of Forex Malaysia. Being an expert, I will help you to know in detail about Forex Malaysia through this article. So, consider reading this entire article.

What Is The Difference Between Forex Trading In Malaysia And Stock Trading Malaysia?

Many newbies don’t understand the differences between Forex trading and stock trading in Malaysia. For them, I point out the major differences below:
DifferencesForex TradingStock Trading
LiquidityForex tradings in Malaysia are highly dependent on liquidity.Stock Trading Malaysia deals mainly with securities and lower volume of liquidity in the comparison of Forex trading.
Market PlaceForex tradings in Malaysia have no specified location. You can participate in trending online.You need to go to a stock exchange to participate in stock trading in Malaysia.
LeverageGenerally, in Malaysia, Forex trading has a higher leverage ratio than stock trading.In the comparison of ratio, stock trading holds much lower leverage than the Forex trading in Malaysia.
CommissionsYou don’t need to pay any extra commissions to the brokers for Forex tradings in Malaysia without spread.Brokers can charges additional commissions for every dealing in stock trading Malaysia.
Working PeriodsYou can trades 24*5 in Forex Trading Malaysia.Stock trading Malaysia has fixed working periods between 9 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 4:45 pm.
AnalysisBefore Forex trading In Malaysia, you must analyze the overall country’s data, including currency rate, GDP, inflation rates, and other economic factors.In stock trading Malaysia, you just need to analyze only this company’s performance which stocks you want to purchase.

15 Best Forex Brokers Malaysia In 2021:

You require a broker to start your Forex trading. In recent days Forex trading becomes one of the rising investment sectors of Malaysia. The lower barriers of entry attract various international Forex Brokers to start their trading business in Malaysia.

Forex Brokers in Malaysia introduce traders with different types of trading. Securities Commission of Malaysia (SCM) supervises this sector. To achieve quick success in Forex trading in Malaysia, you should have to find the best and capable broker for you. Here I make a list of the 15 best Forex Brokers Malaysia in 2021:

Forex BrokersMinimum Require DepositAverage Spread USD/EURKnow Your Brokers (KYB)
BlackBull Markets$2000.76KYB
XM Forex$5-$1001.600KYB
City Index$701.100KYB
Interactive Brokers$0N/AKYB
FP Markets$751.140KYB
VT Markets$2001.30KYB

You can read the reviews of every listed Forex broker in Malaysia by clicking on KYB. I recommend everyone to carefully study the brokers before go on a Forex trading deal with them.

Is Lite Forex Malaysia A Trusty Broker?

Lite Forex was founded in 2005 and worked for over a decade with goodwill. In Malaysia, you can start your Forex trading journey with Lite Forex because they recruit a highly qualified manager for their clients, which helps a lot for the new traders.

Using a personal debit card or visa card, you can easily deposit money in your Lite Forex account. Lite Forex Malaysia offers 3 types of accounts to traders:

Main Features Of AccountsECNClassicCent
Minimum Deposit For Forex Trade$50$50$10
Minimum Trade Size0.010.010.01
Account CurrenciesEUR, CHF, USD, MBT, RUB.EUR, CHF, USD, MBT, RUB.Cents, Kopecks, etc.
Commission$5 Per LotNoNo

Lite Forex Malaysia offers an automatic withdrawal advantage and a very low or no commission to its clients. They also deserver full trustworthiness for their quick and satisfactory customer support.

Is Trading with XM Forex Malaysia Is Beneficial?

XM Forex was started its journey in 2009. In a short period, they gain the trust of Malaysian Forex traders by ensuring their investments’ maximum profit.

XM Forex Malaysia offers 3 types of accounts to traders:

Main Features Of AccountsECNClassicCent
Minimum Deposit For Forex Trade$100$5$5
Minimum Trade Size0.010.010.01
Commission$3.5 Per LotNoNo

Micros and Standard accounts of XM Forex Malaysia opens the opportunity for small investors to enter this profitable sector. Ensuring maximum profits with safe trading is one of the key policies behind XM Forex Malaysia’s success.

What Are The Best Forex Trading strategy In Malaysia?

To become a successful Forex trader in Malaysia, you have to pick the right strategy according to the market situation. Although I don’t like to follow the same strategy for a long time. My Forex trading strategy has constantly been changing according to the market situation.

Position trading, Forex scalping, day trading are the best Forex trading strategies. To see various Forex trading strategies for Malaysia, click here. By analyzing them, you can pick a Forex trading strategy in Malaysia.

Last Few Words:

No alternatives of patience and dedication to achieve success in Forex Malaysia. You should choose the best strategy and brokers to become successful of Forex trending Malaysia. Let me know in the comment box how would you like to start your journey in Forex Malaysia?