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Today I shall be discussing on the importance of Forex Education. Why is it crucial to first educate yourself on the ins and outs before jumping headfirst into trading. This can be the determining factor for a successful or unsuccessful trader.

Understanding the Basics

First and foremost, a Forex course such as First Step Program allows a novice trader to understand the fundamentals of trading. Forex trading has its unique vocabulary like lot, pip, strike price which sound alien to a layman. However, these terms are essential for any Forex traders. In just few words, it helps convey huge amount of information. In addition to that, some basic calculations are also needed as part of basic Forex course. It is hard to trade without the fundamentals of these knowledge. All these are taught in my First Step Program by Price Action Guru.

It is a Journey not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Just a random thought. Have you ever wondered why doctors are being paid way more than an office job?

It is viewed commonly that the amount of money given as salary is proportionally direct to the time and effort which was being used to attain the knowledge and skills required to perform the task at hand.

This is what the majority of people who wants to trade the Forex market out there do not understand that Forex trading is a journey not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have better odds at gambling in the casino to fulfil your needs to get rich quickly or purchasing a random lottery ticket.

When it comes to trading Forex, I have put in my due diligence through experience and mistakes along my trading journey. I am able to analyze, spot trends and make decisions swiftly because of my experience in the financial industry. Each success and failure have molded me into the trader I am today. This skill that I have developed thru discipline and consistency over time qualifies me to train and teach my students to become independent intelligent traders.

Online Courses and Mentoring

It is true that most Forex traders reap rich rewards. But, that is only after they have put in many hours perfecting their trade. It is extremely imperative that a beginner Forex trader invests in Forex education and course to lay a solid foundation. The money spent here is an investment not an expense.

On a personal note, I have always modelled myself after successful traders such as Howard Marks. These role model acts as tremendous mentors as some learning cant be gained in the courses but in real life experience. Similar to trading, where you can attend as much webinars about Forex. It is when you commit to learning and applying the knowledge to a live account. That is where the journey begins.

I will be covering all these and more in my upcoming 1st Step Program and Stop Loss Hunting Course. You see its not always all about the latest strategy out there, but the mindset and psychology behind the trade and inside the trader’s mind. With my experience for over a decade in the Forex industry, my students have leverage on my mistakes and shorten their learning curve by starting on the right path with my courses. With the Right Mindset, Right Knowledge, Right Skills, Right Mentor, all is possible.