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In this article, I am going to overwhelm you with a lot of information and value about Price Action because numerous traders have been curiously asking me the reason behind my advanced trades using Price Action because they realize that I exit a trade long before they have exited a trade whereas they are using expert advice, indicators, RSI, support resistance and many more strategies available in the market.

I want you to understand the meaning behind Price Action which is we are trading purely on the price and action taking place on price in the chart.

Many price action traders have this kind of clarity when looking at a chart in comparison to other indicator traders because they don’t really consider what’s taking place in the price. Their main focus is the calculation of mathematical formula which average down the prices which then after react based on their take on the average price based on the past price from lagging indicators.

When you exit from the precise price that is called price action. The accuracy of price action lies in the current transaction and current movement of the price in the currency pair. In turn those who are trading purely on price are referred to as price action traders.

I’m going to show you a chart where it is a live account. As you can there are no markings of any indicators. I’m purely trading on a price movements as seen below.

This is EUR/USD pair which I took a position. At this level you can see there was a price rejection taking place. Many traders bought at lower price because they thought the price would shoot up. Some bought at the higher price but alas there was rejection in this area. Price started to bleed down again with the buyers who bought at this level. The price is trying to advance by failed sellers who are defending. It is seen very clearly the higher side is getting lower and buyers couldn’t really sustain the price bleed. Down here where the green box is the price bleed down where the price is getting cheaper and cheaper.

This is called precession if you have the proper price action knowledge which I teach in my advanced course, you would really know what is taking place in the market and you can hold your trade very well. This is the advantage of price action technique. I want you guys to adopt this method to have more clarity in the way to be profitable trader.

I will be covering all these and more in my upcoming 1st Step Program and Stop Loss Hunting Course. You see its not always all about the latest strategy out there, but the mindset and psychology behind the trade and inside the trader’s mind. With my experience for over a decade in the Forex industry, my students have leverage on my mistakes and shorten their learning curve by starting on the right path with my courses. With the Right Mindset, Right Knowledge, Right Skills, Right Mentor, all is possible.