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Now you have the interest to learn to trade Forex and along comes a strategy called “Price Action”. Somehow you have no idea how to begin or trade using this method.

Stage 1 : Getting the foundation right

In order to start trading with using Price Action Strategy, the first thing is to build a strong groundwork of the fundamentals of Forex principles. If you are still clueless about how the market works and how trades are done, you should take my First Step Program. It will shorten your learning curve and increase your knowledge on Forex essentials. It will also enable you make a smooth transition into proper price action trading.

Stage 2 : Strip your chart clean

You have to understand that indicators are useless because it is second hand information compared to price action which is first hand from the market itself. It is in your best interest to keep your trading plans simple with uncomplicated strategies and indicators which will yield positive trading behaviors.

Before you begin on any trade, remove off all indicators. You have to start learn to trade using a clean chart.

Stage 3 : Acquire knowledge of price action methods.

Trading Forex using price action means trading the fresh price movement without any elaborate strategies. Price Action Methodology is one of the most under-utilized and lucrative strategies to trade the Forex market because of its simplicity.

I will be covering all these and more in my upcoming 1st Step Program and Stop Loss Hunting Course. You see its not always all about the latest strategy out there, but the mindset and psychology behind the trade and inside the trader’s mind. With my experience for over a decade in the Forex industry, my students have leverage on my mistakes and shorten their learning curve by starting on the right path with my courses. With the Right Mindset, Right Knowledge, Right Skills, Right Mentor, all is possible.